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Extraordinary Enstilar® delivery
Extraordinary Enstilar delivery, new psoriasis treatment in a foam spray formulation.


Once Enstilar® is sprayed onto the skin, the propellants evaporate. This leaves fully dissolved, non-crystalline active ingredients available for skin penetration.1

This is known as supersaturation.1


In laboratory tests, the active ingredients of Enstilar® remained in this supersaturated state for up to 18 hours after spraying, whereas crystals of active ingredient were detected in ointment formulation.1


In a skin penetration model, the foam spray formulation of Enstilar® improved drug delivery and enhanced local bioavailability of calcipotriol and betamethasone dipropionate, compared with Dovobet® ointment.2

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UK/IE MAT-04320 V3
Date of preparation: October 2017